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PIC member

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Michael Johansen


Lee-ann White
My name is Lee-ann White and I am new to the school and Birtley along with my son who is in Reception. I  also have twin girls who are two years old so you can usually see me in the yard running in two directions at once! For the past 15 years I have worked in Marketing, Student Recruitment and Events Organisation within Higher Education, most recently for Northumbria University. However in September this year I decided to take a year out of full time work to spend time with my young family. This has provided me with the perfect opportunity to get involved with Portobello school, where I hope my experience can be drawn upon and I can offer opinions from a newbie prospective. Feel free to catch up with me in the yard (if my girls will let you),to pass on any comments or ask any questions. My husband and I look forward to getting to know many of you well as our children grow up together.

Kirsti Otterson

My name is Kirsti. I am a mum of 2, I have a son in Year 1 my little girl is 4 years old. I work as a paramedic and have done for 14 years. I am married to Michael who is a police officer, so we have fairly hectic lives working shifts. In my spare time I enjoy visiting places with family and also go running. As a health care professional and a mum I hope I can bring something to the school.

Michelle Grey

My name is Michelle Grey, I am mam of two gorgeous girls. My eldest is currently in Year 2 and fingers crossed my 3 year old toddler gets her place at Portobello next September!

For my sins I currently work mornings at Heaton Manor School in Newcastle as a finance officer, dealing with a lot of money! I live in Birtley just up from school and I can always be found in the school yard at 3.15 waiting for my little girl. I am always around to help school/parents/kids when needed! 

Hayley Gray

I’m Hayley, I have two boys aged 16 and 6 years. I am married and live in Birtley. I worked as an HLTA at a special needs school in Gateshead. My main reason for joining PIC’s was to help and support the school, to be an influential part of the Birtley community – supporting all children and accommodating all families. Especially those like myself who work full – time.  I hope I can support the school to be a safe, happy environment for all its pupils – moving forward into the future as a successfully supportive school.