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 Creating Confidence, Empowering Excellence, Igniting Independence

The children have developed an interest in ‘being 5’ after we celebrated our first 5th Birthday in class. They have used a recipe book to create some fantastic cake designs in the playdough area and even made their own delicious fairy cakes. We particularly enjoyed eating them!

“We put sugar and flower and butter and eggs, then we mixed it and then they go bigger bigger” (Callum)

“I liked mixing the eggs” (Jack D)

“I mixed it then I passed the bowl on to other children on my table” (Joe)

“Our cakes are delicious” (Amelia)

“I chose green icing and so did Callum” (George)

 Year 1
 In English we are reading Dogger by Shirley Hughes. In the story Dogger has a pointy ear and a floppy ear. Dave is Dogger’s owner, Dave is very fond of Dogger and takes him everywhere he goes. Dave loses Dogger so we made lost posters and we even created our own story to say where, when and how Dave lost Dogger. In Maths we have been adding and subtracting. We used cubes and number lines to help us.


Year 2
We have had a fantastic week in Year 2 and Miss West and Mrs Beattie are very proud of our learning. In English we have been learning to write nonfiction texts and organise our ideas using headings and sub headings. Our spellings have improved lots too. In Maths we have been talking about numbers which are greater than and less than and even used our learning powers to solve a tricky problem together.
Year 3

We have had a fantastic week in Year 3!

We have been learning how to use the column method for addition and subtraction in Maths as well as solving some tricky problems to show our skills.

In English we have started reading and learning all about ‘The Selfish Giant’ and are looking to write a persuasive letter to ask him if he would be so kind as to let us play in his garden! There were some tricky words in the text so we have been learning how to use a dictionary to find out the meaning of them.

For our topic learning, we have been looking at the Stone Age in more detail and created a timeline in groups to show the different stages of the time period.

In PE this week we have enjoyed creating a dance based on The Stone Age as we had the chance to create our own movements based on how we thought Early Humans used to move. We have also enjoyed practising our dribbling and shooting skills in football with Mr Malia.

We loved getting on our bikes and practising our skills with Marcus again and are enjoying showing off our handwriting skills to some calm, chilled out music.


Year 4
 On Monday we did English and we had to identify the key features of a persuasive text. Then after assembly we did Maths where were partitioning numbers – that means splitting them up. After that, we did our spelling test and arithmetic sheet for 20mins and after we did History to understand why Romans built new roads in Britain. On Tuesday we did English and looked at loads of adverts and then Maths where we learnt about negative numbers – they come before the 0. Every Tuesday and Thursday we did our multiplication grids for 6 mins and we are getting better and better each time and then fun PE with Kenni and after we got changes after all of PE we sang a Roman song. On Wednesday we started to plan our persuasive advert for Wilbur the pig and had a practical lesson adding and subtracting. We met the new boy in our class and made some posters on PowerPoint. On Thursday we got to do PE with Miss Baker and then started adding in Maths we did English were we wrote our persuasive adverts using AFOREST. We have had a brilliant week!
Year 5
Read all about it!

We have been reporters this week and have started drafting a newspaper report based on the events of the poem The Highwayman.

This week our first fruit to suit sale took place. We sold lots of things, spicy noodles are still the favourite!

In topic learning we have been using key events to create a timeline of the Viking times.

We have been thinking about sacred places and designed our own special place where we could think and reflect.

Year 6
Year 6 have had a wonderful second week. We have learnt about place value in maths and the Hobbit in english. Also Move it Marcus has been in this week to improve our bike skills. We have also started our topic of the Amazing Americas and learnt about their history.

Amy.C and Harry.R