Google Classroom - on line learning

Portobello Primary School are now on line
We are delighted to announce we are now using Google Classroom in an effort to support online remote learning for our pupils, however we will continue to use Eschools where weekly online school work can be found on each class page, as well as using this method for homework and communication between pupils and teachers as well as parents and teachers. 
Each pupil will be allocated with a Google user name and an 8 digit password in order to access online lessons along with well-being catch ups with their class teacher.
The user name is in the form of an email address although this is a stand alone user name only and is not a general email address and cannot be used for any forms of communication to and from other users/classmates.
Before user names and passwords are given out, we ask all parents/carers to accept the terms on our remote user policy this protects all involved and sets out standards and expectations in order for successful on line teaching and learning experiences to take place. 
Should you have any issues with devices or have no access please contact school ASAP on 0191 4104571. 
Should you have any questions around on line learning please do not hesitate to direct your questions to our main office: