Our Staff

Mrs Humphrey (Mrs Lees) is Portobello’s head teacher. Her favourite subject is maths especially numbers. In her spare time she loves walking in the woods and spotting wildlife. If she wasn’t a teacher she would be a pig farmer who wrote children’s stories … about pigs and piglets! Her favourite animal are piglets/pigs. Her much-loved colour is green. She has a pet cat called Ned and she loves Italian and French food. Mrs Humphrey likes orange squash with her meals because it is very refreshing. She has a gorgeous daughter that has just gone to University and she also has a super cool step-son who is in Year 3. She is very creative but a lot of Mrs Humphrey’s days are spent using the laptop so she doesn’t go on the computer at home! She loves going on holiday particularly where it is hot.

Mrs Lockhart (Miss Robson) is the Deputy Head Teacher, SENCO, and Computing Co-ordinator.  She teaches Year 1. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Computing. Her dream car is a Mercedes Benz  A Class. Her hobbies are going to the gym, boxing, TRX circuits and going out with her family. She has worked at Portobello since 2008, she started as an NQT. She has 2 children and one dog. One child is called Louis and Kieron (step son). Mrs Lockharth's dog is called Susie, she is a French bulldog.

Mrs Lockhart's favourite foods are a nice steak and sticky toffee pudding. She would describe herself as being fun, creative and loves learning new things. If she could work anywhere else it would be a chocolate taster at Galaxy Chocolate.

Miss Howe is our Reception teacher. Her favourite animal is a giraffe and she loves holidays. Her favourite subject is science and her favourite drink is Lucozade. She does not have a pet and she doesn’t like running but she enjoys her 'step' class at the gym.

Pink is Miss Howe’s favourite colour and also she has 2 nephews that she loves spending time with. She would be a midwife or a Disney Princess if she was not a teacher but she loves teaching reception class. Miss Howe loves quorn as she is a vegetarian.

Mrs Mahone is a teaching assistant in reception class, she has been working at Portobello for 20 years. Her favourite subjects are english and science. She loves supporting in all the classes and her dream job was to work in Portobello. Mrs Mahone has two grown up daughters who also came to Portobello. Her favourite kind of pet is a dog and her favourite car is a Mazda. She enjoys eating steak, pasta and yummy chocolate. Her hobbies are walking, yoga and reading. Her favourite colour is yellow and she is in the amazing yellow team! 

Mrs O’ Halloran is a teaching assistant for Year 1 and her favourite subject is English. Her favourite car is the new Jaguar. Mrs O has a son and a daughter and a gorgeous cat. She enjoys walks in the countryside and spending time with her family. Sometimes Mrs O’ Halloran will cycle to school, keep an eye out for her!

This is Miss West, she is the Year 2 teacher and Key Stage One Leader. She loves to teach her class everything but really enjoys Phonics, English and Maths. Her favourite hobbies are going to the gym, indoor climbing, Zumba classes, running but most of all horse riding. She also loves to be outside walking her dog.  Her favourite foods are; all kinds of healthy food, chocolate and giant cookies! If she had to have another job apart from teaching at Portobello she would definitely be a dog walker or work in an equestrian centre. 

Mrs Beattie is a Year 2 teaching assistant and she teaches French across the whole school. Her favourite subject is maths. She has 2 grown up children and she loves walking her dog Jasper. Mrs Beattie has worked at Portobello for 15 years. Her favourite car would be a Mercedes Benz. Her favourite food is yummy pasta. She describes herself as a good friend and funny. Her dream job would be an airhostess and to travel the world or she would make her own business called Doggy Day Care.

Miss Tindale is the Year 3 teacher her hobbies are playing netball and socialising with friends and family. Her favourite subject is English and PE. Her favourite car is a BMW. She would describe herself as competitive and a good friend. Her favourite food is Italian and Chinese.

Miss Baker is the Year 4 teacher. She loves English and maths and learning new things and being creative. In her spare time, she loves watching movies, reading books and spending time with her twin nieces! (They're only 4) Her favourite animals are cars and she has one herself. Miss Baker enjoys sports, especially running and is hopefully going to run the Great North Run for a second time this year. She really enjoys trying delicious new foods from all around the world, especially Thai, Chinese and Mexican. 


This is Mrs Graham, she works in Year 4 and a lot of other classes as she is a higher level teaching assistant. Her favourite subjects are Maths, R.E and ART. Her favourite car is the one she has at the moment Renault Megane and her hobbies are cooking and going out for fun days with her 6 grandchildren. She has worked at Portobello for 19 years and she has 2 grown-up sons who have wives and grandchildren. Her favourite food is pasta and vegetables.  She is helpful, kind and always willing to help out.

This is Mrs Brooks, she is the teacher of Year 5 and the KS2 leader. Her favourite subject is English, especially reading. She loves reading Michael Morpurgo books. She doesn’t really have a favourite car, but she’d love to own a sports car with a ‘soft top’ so she can take the roof down on sunny days! Or in shorter words a convertible. She loves playing netball and loves reading! She came to Portobello in September 2015. Mrs Brooks has 2 children. Her favourite food is pasta. She would describe herself as happy and positive. She would work at Buckingham Palace! She’d love to meet the Queen! 

Mrs Keith is the teaching assistant in Year 4. Mrs Keith is our nurture teaching assistant and has friendship groups and Relax for Kids. Mrs Keith has a lovely family and a brand new granddaughter. She enjoys spending time with her family and often goes to Gibside National Trust. Mrs Keith is kind, funny and caring. 

Mrs Huntley is Portobello’s School Business Manager.  In her spare time she loves going for walks with Louie her 8 year old King Charles spaniel.  She also enjoys playing Scrabble on her iPad, reading books and visiting friends and family.  If she wasn’t a SBM she would like to have a big house with lots of land and lots of animals.  Her favourite colour is blue.   She enjoys Indian and Chinese food.  She has two sons, one daughter and two grandchildren who often come to stay with her at a weekend. Her favourite holiday destination is the Greek Islands!  But anywhere hot and sunny would be lovely.

This is Mrs Morgan-Darnell. Her job in school is helping Mrs Huntley in the office, also she is a dinner lady and she helps on some of our school trips. Her favourite subject is art. Her dream car is a black Range Rover. Her hobby is walking her pet cockapoo. She has been at this school for about 1  year. She has 2 children. William and Charlie. Her favourite foods are Sushi, Japanese and she loves Nandos. She would describe herself as happy, loyal and a good friend. If she could work anywhere apart from Portobello it would be flying with Emirates Airline.

Mr Nelson - info coming soon
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Mrs Stitt - info coming soon

Miss Dunn has been teaching in Primary Schools across Wiltshire, Sunderland and Gateshead  for the last 26 years and is the Art Leader at Portobello.  She enjoys travelling to historical cities and visiting as many art galleries as she can. Last year she taught herself to paint in oils and now has a mini art gallery of her own at home and is planning an exhibition of her own work for the summer.  She has also taught herself how to knit and her new hobbie has been a big hit with her family as they now all own a miss Dunn original scarf. Next year it’ll probably be matching hats!