Our Staff

Mrs Humphrey is Portobello’s Head Teacher. Her favourite subject is Maths especially numbers. In her spare time she loves walking in the woods and mountains and spotting wildlife. If she wasn’t a teacher she would be a pig farmer who wrote children’s stories … about pigs and piglets!  She has a pet cat called Ned and a puppy called Sonny.  She loves to cook Italian and French food. Mrs Humphrey has a daughter and a step-son who she loves to spend time with. 

This is Mrs Brooks, she is our Deputy Head Teacher and also teacher of Year 6.  Mrs Brooks came to Portobello in September 2015 and has taught in both Year 6 and Year 5. Her favourite subject is English, especially reading. She loves reading children's books and is always asking people what they are reading and what they recommend! She doesn’t really have a favourite car, but she’d love to own a sports car with a ‘soft top’ so she can take the roof down on sunny days! Mrs Brooks loves running and going to the gym and generally  being outdoors. She has a dog, a Springer Spaniel called Prince, so she spends alot of her time walking him with her husband and two children. Her favourite food is chicken and vegetables, especially brocolli! If she wasn't a teacher at Portobello, she would like to work at Buckingham Palace! She’d love to meet the Queen! 

This is Miss West, she is the Year 2 teacher and Key Stage One Leader. She loves to teach her class absolutely everything but really enjoys English. Her favourite hobbies are walking and horse riding. She really loves to be outside in the fresh air taking her dogs Rosie and Meggie on long walks and riding her horse Mika. Her favourite foods are all kinds of healthy food and Cadburys chocolate! If she had to have another job apart from teaching at Portobello she would definitely be a dog walker or work in an equestrian centre. 

Mrs Lockhart is the SENCO, and Computing Co-ordinator.  She teaches Reception. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Computing. Her dream car is a Mercedes Benz  A Class. Her hobbies are going to the gym, boxing, TRX circuits and going out with her family. She has worked at Portobello since 2008 when she started as an NQT. She has 3 children and one dog. Her children are called Thomas, Louis and Kieron (step son). Mrs Lockhart's dog is called Susie. She is a French bulldog.

Mrs Lockhart's favourite foods are a nice steak and sticky toffee pudding. She would describe herself as being fun, creative and loves learning new things. If she could work anywhere else she would be a chocolate taster at Galaxy Chocolate Factory!

Miss Howe is our Year 3 teacher and has been teaching at Portobello for six years. She is our Science and Music Lead in school and enjoys singing with our school choir. Miss Howe loves all things Disney and likes to visit Mickey and Minnie for holidays. Miss Howe is happiest when she is spending time with her family and two gorgeous nephews. She is 'Auntie' to so many of her friend's babies - If she wasn't a teacher, Miss Howe would love to be a midwife. 

Mrs O’ Halloran is a teaching assistant and her favourite subject is English. Her favourite car is the new Jaguar. Mrs O has a son and a daughter and a gorgeous cat. She enjoys walks in the countryside and spending time with her family. Sometimes Mrs O’ Halloran will cycle to school - keep an eye out for her!

Mrs Beattie is a Higher Level Teaching Assistant who has worked at Portobello for over 20 years. She lives with her husband and has two grown up children who used to go to Portobello Primary School. Her hobbies are sewing, shopping and going for long walks. She loves dogs, especially Labradors. Mrs Beattie enjoys working in Year 2 and her favourite subject is Maths. Her dream job is to be a dog walker and look after them when their owners go on holiday.

Miss Tindale is the Year 4 class teacher and the PE & Sport Leader. She has worked at Portobello since 2015 and has taught in Year 1, 3 and 4. She loves supporting and cheering on our school sports teams when they compete in different tournaments and making sure everyone is active during the school day! In her spare time, she enjoys playing Netball for her local club and going to the gym, as well as spending time outdoors and finding new destinations. She enjoys going on holidays with lots of sun and spending time with friends and family, especially Jackson the Dalmation!  

Mrs Graham is a higher level teaching assistant and has worked at Portobello for 20 years. She has two married grown up sons and 6 grandchildren. She loves cooking and fun days out with her grandchildren. Her favourite place to visit is Scotland and when the weather is fine she loves going out and about with Mr Graham on his motorbike. She is helpful, kind and always willing to help out.

This is Mr Chipchase, he is the teacher of Year 5, the Maths leader and anti-bullying leader. His favourite subjects are Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. Outside of school, he has a passion for motorcycles, loves to play field hockey and enjoys spending time with his wife and 10-month-old son. His favourite food is spaghetti bolognese. He would describe himself as witty and easy to talk to. If he wasn’t a teacher, he would like to work for a charity that helps children. His favourite fictional character is Paddington Bear. He loves helping the children in his class to succeed. 

Miss Pendleton is our Year 1 teacher. She enjoys teaching everything but her favourite subjects are history, geography and mathematics because she likes learning about the world. If she wasn't a teacher she would be an explorer because she likes to travel. Miss Pendleton loves playing netball and going bouldering with her friends. She absolutely loves taking her dog Archie for a walk. Miss Pendleton is vegan. She likes lots of different types of food but her favourites are pizza and bagels!

My name is Mrs Duffy, I am the teaching assistant for Year 6.  My favourite subjects are Maths and Art (especially Art!!).  I'm not too keen on playing sports although I love watching them.  When I'm not at school I love reading, baking cakes and most of all walking in the Lake District. 

Mrs Lister is Portobello’s School Business Manager.  In her spare time she enjoys reading and watching films with her family. Mrs Lister is also an Administrator for the U15 and U18 girls Rugby Teams at Blaydon RFC where she spends Sundays during the season watching one of her daughter's play.  Mrs Lister enjoys cooking and trying different food too. Her favourite colour is yellow as it reminds her of sunshine and one of her favourite things to do is going to any North East beach and going for a paddle (even in the winter months). Mrs Lister has three daughters, one is a Law Graduate working in a Law Firm, one is a rugby playing teen and her youngest is a dancer who attends a local primary school. 

Hello, I'm Mrs Morgan-Darnell and I'm Miss Pendleton's teaching assistant in Year 1.

I have worked at Portobello Primary School  for over six years now and  I love being a teaching assistant.

I am married and have two boys, Charlie who will be  18 in December, and William who will be 11 also in December.

When I'm not working at school, I love going to the beach for walks with my two dogs . Susie a Bichon and Lottie who is a cockapoo.

If I wasn't a teaching assistant,  I would loved to have been an air stewardess.

Mr Nelson is our site manager. He has worked at Portobello for 15 years. He previously served as a firefighter for Durham County Fire Brigade. 
He enjoys trips to the countryside and to the beach with his six grandchildren. His favourite destinations are Northumberland and Yorkshire. He likes to walk his dog Ben. His favourite food is a Sunday dinner.

Mr Malia is our Sports Coach. He has worked at Portobello for 6 years and really enjoys teaching Physical Education. He enjoys going to the gym and is the manager of Ponteland United Reserves Adults. Mr Malia’s favourite meal is Chicken Tikka Masala and he loves cheesecake as a pudding.Mr Malia has two pet goldfish called Rafa and Shearer and if he wasn’t a Sports Coach he would like to be a landscape gardener.

This is Miss Wyatt and she is a Teaching Assistant at Portobello. Her favourite subjects are Maths and Art. She has a son called Beau and she enjoys climbing mountains in the Lakes and wild camping at the top. She also enjoys walking along the Northumberland Coast and being in the sea. Her favourite foods are Thai and Lamb. She would love a 4x4 but she struggles to drive her little car as it is! 

Mrs Potter 

Mrs Potter is a qualified teacher and currently Teaching Assistant in Year 2 two days a week. She spends the rest of her days with her 1-year old little boy Zachary and her cockerpoo Freddie. They go on lots of outdoor adventures together and enjoy finding delicious cafes to eat cake and drink coffee in! Mrs Potter also enjoys reading and spending time with her husband, family and friends. If Mrs Potter wasn't a teacher, she would love to own her own toddler and baby cafe.

Mrs Lillie

Mrs Lillie is a Level 3 + SEN teaching assistant.

Her favourite subjects are art and history, she has always wanted to be a teacher and help children grow since she was a little girl. Her hobbies are running, cyclecise, cooking and spending time with her friends, family, her husband Phil and little girl Paige. She loves making up dance routines with Paige and going on family adventures at home and away. Her favourite food is steak and pasta and her favourite colours are blue and yellow. Mrs Lillie would love to visit Rome to see the colosseums as well as trying their world-famous pasta dishes!