Safeguarding and E-safety

Safeguarding our children in school

 We ensure that  safeguarding permeates all aspects of our school life. There can be no issue of greater importance to our staff, governors and  parents and carers, than the safety of our children. We ensure that the following underpins everything we do:

  • Protect our children and learners from maltreatment
  • Prevent impairment of  our children’s and learners’ health or development
  • Ensure that  our children and learners are growing up in circumstances consistent with the provision of safe and effective care
  • Undertake a role so as to enable those children and learners to have optimum life chances and to enter adulthood successfully


At Portobello Primary School the safety of our children is of upmost importance. This includes keeping them safe when using electronic equipment and more specifically when entering the online world. E-Safety encompasses internet technologies and also electronic communications via mobile phones, games consoles and wireless technology. By educating our children in e-safety we aim to highlight the need for children and young people to think practically about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using information technology.

 To ensure all of our children are aware of the dangers we teach e-safety as the first computing session every term. This ensures that the children are accessing information regarding keeping themselves safe three times each year. We also invite parents and carers to join us for an e-safety morning each year as well as promoting it via our school website and Twitter page.

 We operate an open-door policy for reporting issues relating to e-safety and very much welcome parents and carers to come into school to speak with the dedicated e-safety officer, Mrs Jayne Humphrey or a member of the Senior Leadership Team about any perceived problems. For additional support and ideas please see the links below: