School Uniforms


The wearing of uniform helps to give the school a corporate image besides being a practical, hardwearing solution to school wear. It also shows respect for the school and helps show the community at large the high standards we try to maintain at Portobello Primary.



Grey/ black tailored school trousers,

Grey/ black pinafore or skirt, tights can be worn.

Sky blue polo shirt with the school logo.

Red sweater, sweatshirt or cardigan with the school logo

If children would like to change their uniform in the summer months they can wear sky blue  and white check dresses or dark grey/black tailored medium length school shorts.

There is also a fleece and a waterproof coat that also carry the school logo.

Uniform can be obtained through the school office by completing an order form. Orders are usually in school within a week. Some chain stores/supermarkets sell the red/ sky blue items.

Order online

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